Why You Should Have Your Home Tested

Save Money on Monthly Energy Bills and Live in Steady Comfort


The two most important factors when it comes to your home environment are: SAFETY and COMFORT. Usually, in an attempt to achieve these we have to absorb higher energy costs. Whether we want a room lit a certain way or we want to maintain a steady indoor temperature in the dead of winter, we as consumers have become accustomed to a certain level of ambient light and temperature.

Our goal is to to provide a way for consumers to enjoy their comforts with a much lesser impact to the carbon footprint, and of course, a much lesser impact on their monthly budgets. State-Of-The-Art testing equipment is used to do Non-Evasive Inspection and Data Collection to provide the most comprehensive summary a homeowner would ever hope to have. This summary will help the homeowner to prioritize repairs and upgrades to fit their comfort preferences, budgets, and efficiency goals.


Here are some of the many Benefits:



  • Find Potential Dangerous Flaws - See Flawed Electrical Wiring and Fuse Panels, water leaks within walls, potential mold zones
  • Save on Monthly Energy Bills - Savings Potential up to 50% in some homes....This is a No-Brainer!!
  • Return of Investment - The average payback period for Testing+Repair costs is under 12 months
  • Rebates - Certified Reports to aide in any rebate programs from Local Utilities and Government
  • Safety - Get a clean bill of health for your Combustible, and thus, Carbon Monoxide producing appliances.
  • Environmental Impact - Reduce your consumption of our natural resources and set an example for future generation


Things To Think About During Your Decision Process



A Full Home Energy Audit is the best way to see and understand your home as an ecosystem, but that does not necessarily fit everyone's needs. You may just need some Thermal Imaging done if you suspect any areas of damaged insulation, or you may just want to test your combustion appliances to make sure they are venting and operating properly. Make sure that your technician does a full interview beforehand. The point of the testing is to provide the customer with true value, and that can't happen if needs aren't clearly understood.

Use Third Party Testing Services. This will ensure that certain upgrades are not prioritized based on commissions for that company. You may not always need $15,000 in new windows and doors. Many times you can achieve your efficiency goals with simple and inexpensive techniques. Some Weatherization Contractors may be trustworthy for Testing as well.

Make sure the company is properly certified in all testing areas. For Home Energy Audits always verify either a BPI or HERS RESNET Certification. These are the only two nationally recognized certifications. For any Thermal Imaging Services verify an ITC Certification. This is imperative as use of an Infrared Camera and Image Diagnostics can be very misleading. ONLY TRUST A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL!