Services and Pricing


Here is a brief list of Services. We have special Grand Opening Prices to last through March 2011. Infrared Imaging can be as low as $99!!!! This is unheard of for a Certified Thermographer so call soon as demand is rising sharply. Keep in mind that we can mix and match any of these services to cater to your specific needs.


Residential Leak Detection-

Leak Detection specifics will focus on major water zones and all combustible gas lines. Infrared Cameras and moisture meters can be used to determine areas of water damage without having to rip apart floors and walls. All Natural Gas lines will be inspected for leaks as well.


Full Home Infrared Scan-

A Thermal Imaging camera will be used on the entire structure to identify any major flaws in the construction or implementation of materials. Roof leaks, missing or damaged insulation, moisture and mold, air ingress/egress, faulty wiring, and even nuisances like termites can be detected before they really become a problem. This non-evasive inspection technique is a cost effective way to understand your home as a whole. A fully documented report with color images and technical data is always provided.


Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Appliance Testing-

The silent killer in many American homes is Carbon Monoxide(CO) poisoning. It is odorless so human detection is impossible until the symptoms have already set in. Ambient CO levels will be measured in every conditioned space in the home. Also, the combustion appliances that can create dangerous CO levels will be tested and inspected to meet strict BPI standards. This testing will either give the home a clean bill of health, or repair recommendations will be made to bring it up to standards.


BPI Certified Home Energy Audit-

This is the ultimate testing/inspection that you can do for your home. A comprehensive set of tests will be conducted including Blower Door, Combustion Appliances, Infrared Scan, Combustible Gas Leak Detection, and visual inspection on the ENTIRE home. Past Utility Bills will be reviewed and all data will be compiled into a comprehensive report including Thermal Images, Temperatures, and Digital Pressure Readouts to add scientific data to an otherwise opinion based report. The client will truly understand how the "House as a Whole" works, and the consulting side of this service will give them the advice they need to truly maximize the energy efficiency of their home.


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