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Thermal Diagnostic offers a Full Range of Thermal Imaging Services and BPI Certified Home Energy Audits for Boise and the Pacific Northwest. All technicians are Certified Thermographers by the Infrared Training Center, and BPI Certified for Home Energy Audits. If you are a Realtor, Builder, Business Owner, Insurance Claims Adjuster, Private Homeowner, or anyone else who wants to Conserve Money and Energy then YOU MUST Sign Up Now.

Your Customer Account at Thermal Diagnostic makes for a smooth transition into the new Energy Age. This will be an interface that will keep you up to speed on the latest updates as well as make the entire process very convenient and user friendly.


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  • Online Document Center - Here you can log in and view all of your Testing Reports, Invoices, and necessary Tax Credit Documents (when applicable).
  • Security - Your information is protected and WILL NOT be shared with any Third Party....PERIOD. Your Log In is also secure so that only you may access your Document Center
  • Personalized Rebate Alerts - The Energy Landscape is changing quickly, and many times, the major rebates and incentives that you may be eligible for pass by because they can be hard to find and understand. Thermal Diagnostic will inform you immediately of any Local Utility Rebates, Local Government Programs and Tax Credits, State Programs and Tax Credits, and Federal Programs and Tax Credits.
  • VIP Discounts and Giveaways - Every month Thermal Diagnostic will run a variety of Discounts, Referral Incentives, and Giveaways. These are great ways to get others involved and truly reduce Energy Consumption on a scale that makes an impact.
  • Monthly Email Update - We WILL NOT overwhelm you with junk emails. We will only send ONE monthly Newsletter to inform you of any Tips or Updates. The only other contact you will receive will be in the form of Alerts when you have a report, invoice, update, or personal rebate opportunity that is completed and available.